September 30, 2020
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[Sticky] General rules of coinnewsweb Forum  

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General rules of coinnewsweb Forum


Welcome to the COINNEWSWEB.COM forum, which connects all of you who want to learn about MMO (Make Money Online), a place to share knowledge, experiences, and cooperation to help each other earn their true money from the Foreign companies / services, before you join, make sure you have read and agree to the following regulations:

Rules for Members:
Nick (Username):

It is strictly forbidden to fake nicknames of the Board of Directors such as: xxxWebmasterxxx, xxxAdministratorxxx, xxxModeratorxxx, xxxcoinnewswebxxx, ...
Do not use domain names such as:,, ...
Do not use the names of revolutionary leaders, Party leaders, the State ... or have unhealthy meanings.
Do not use special characters such as: [* ¤ ° ´ ¯)]:
If violated, BAN account Forever.
All requests to change the Username will not be resolved.
The Management Board will not delete Nick, delete Post of any Members when required.

You can request an account BANNED:
Temporarily when busy:

BANNED at least 1 month

Forever when not want to work at the Forum anymore:

The Board will not handle cases of requesting UNBAN with Accounts requested to be BANNED.
You should consider carefully before requesting a BANNED Account.
That account has not caused any damage to anyone: contact the administrator to confirm and Reset Account.

Clone Account (1 person who uses multiple Accounts):

If you find a Clone Account, you will only be allowed to keep 1 Account out of the total number of Accounts you have. And all remaining Accounts will be BANNED Forever.
If there is no good reason, your main account will be warned by BANNED 1 week.
Unless you have a good reason for being discovered

Clone Account. And do not cause serious consequences:
Good reason:

The delay in updating information to your customers affects your sales and recruitment of REF
To account for cases reported
Updated important information related to SCAMMER
Update serious information for administrators
In other cases, please contact the administrator
After completing the goals set with the management, this Acccount Clone will be BANNED Forever

If you have any questions please contact the person who has BAN you first
If unable to resolve it is allowed to create a Report:
Failure to contact the administrator will not resolve your complaint


Do not give sensitive, offensive photos, ...
Do not use images, the text size is too large under the signature (higher than 200px).
Do not use Flash that is too large (above the size limit for the photo you may use in your signature)
Group members at the Forum
Do not use provocative materials, sensitive content, Sex, ...
Signature may not be:
Longer than 2 lines
Do not use meaningless special characters
Do not give sensitive, offensive photos, ...
The specified format is: 80x80
If violations will be deleted without notice Avatar, BAN 1 day
Do not advertise services that are required to register with BQT if you have not registered

Shout Box:

Do not speak words that provoke or riot ...
Do not say unspoken words.
Do not discuss politics, religion ...
If the violation will be warned, and if continuing to repeat BAN from 1 day or more until BANNED Account Forever
Those who have BAN on Chatbox want UNBAN to get back to the person who has BOARD for you, and only you BOARD can get UNBAN for you.


Members who receive 5 warnings from BQT, will have 1 week BAN.
If you continue recidivism and get 5 more warnings, you will get BAN Forever.

Personal information of members:

No one is allowed to publicize the personal information of other Members in the Forum without their permission.
Unless that person SCAM and many people need this information:
If anyone gets a Report on this issue, you will get BANNED for at least 3 days depending on the level of damage caused by you.

Male member:

Do not mess with female members:
If anyone gets a Report on this issue, you will get BANNED for at least 3 days depending on the level of damage caused by you.


All cases of slander or use of words that affect the reputation of others without proof of authenticity will be BANNED at least 30 days.

Dignity and honor:

All posts, actions with no legitimate purpose that can affect the dignity, honor, ... of others are at least 30 days BANNED.


Admin will update more.....