September 28, 2020
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What is pay to click?  



What is pay to click?

PTC (Pay to click) simply defines the form of making money online with the form of clicking ads, each ad, usually will run from 10-30s, and we will receive a certain amount of money (depending on the page. ) for each of these clicks!

Things to know about PTC
When participating in a PTC site, you will need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. The nature of PTC

- In essence, PTC is a form of viewing online advertising and receiving money. PTC pages are the bridge between the ad placement website and the advertising viewer. Done, with the development of PTC as today, new sites sprouting like mushrooms, the scam has become indispensable! However, if you can choose good PTC sites, then maybe making money on your network will be much better!

2. Payout:

- Is the minimum amount of money required in your account! When you reach this minimum, you have the right to ask the owner of the PTC site that you do to pay you! (Request payout - Withdraw-payments). Paymin level of reputable PTC sites is usually less than $ 3 for the first payment. And it will increase gradually for subsequent payments to a certain extent regulated by the PTC site.

3. Payment time:

- PTC has 1 withdrawal period from the time you start the request (request to withdraw when you have enough payout) until the payment is complete!
- Payment period, usually may be a few hours or 1, 2 weeks .. 4 weeks. However, payment times can fluctuate internally within PTC sites and in different PTC sites! There are PTC sites that pay instantly (sometimes), sometimes it's a long month
- You can refer to the payment time in TOS (Team Of Service) of the PTC site!

4. Cost Per Click:

- Is the value of 1 click, when you fulfill the "obligation" with that click!
Currently PTC sites often have code security (security code) when logging into the site and the click is complete! So, when you have viewed the full 20-30 seconds of an ad click, you will need to click the correct security code for that click!

There are 3 types of CPCs for audiences of PTC sites:
Standard Member: A free membership! The most popular member of the PTC site! Standard members receive the least amount of money for a click
Premium Member: A paid member!
As a paid member, premium members have more special offers than standard members!
Click prices may be 1.5 - 2 times higher than standard members! In addition, there may be other incentives, such as a shorter payment time, a refferal package (1 Referral Group) ... Refferal: A referral!

When you join a PTC site, you can access the Refferal program of the PTC site! Using the Refferer link (registration link) provided by the PTC site, you become an advertiser!

Those who join the site following your registration link will become your Refferal!
The click price of refferal varies according to your status (Standard or Premium).
Take an example to help you easily understand about Cost Per Click: You sign up for a PTC site! Let's say your 1 click costs 1 cent! If commission is 70%, one click of refferal will give you 0.7 cent commission (in addition to 1 cent they receive). When you upgrade to premium, you get 1.5 cents / click, and the referrer will have a CPC of 1 cent / click!

5. The scam problem

- Scam low level: This scam is easy to recognize with PTC sites paying high click prices such as $ 1 / click, $ 10 / click. That is the correlation between the amount of money the site promises to pay members to click on the ads than the amount they sell ads to advertisers (so they suffer a loss huh).
+ Currently all PTC sites have a click price higher than $ 0.02 / click are scam (if you meet, avoid it),

- High-level scams: These sites have all the criteria of a PTC site, initially paying us very reputable, after gaining the trust of the players, many who upgraded their account, it has profit. do a play and close site. The upgrade to a premium member, will be quite a lot of benefits, but need to consider carefully before deciding to invest!
- How to recognize scam:
+ The web has no forum
+ This forum has been inactive for a long time
+ Admin has not answered your question in a long time
+ Ptcs web has 0-1 ads per day, or doesn't refresh long time ads
+ Earnings more than $ 1 per click
+ The web has no tos or permissions
+ Larger minimum payment ($ 8-10)