September 27, 2020
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What is Paid To Upload, how to experience, how to make money from PTU  



What is Paid To Upload, how to make money from PTU? is the content that many people are interested in, because currently the way to make money online specifically Paid To Upload is developing, you can understand Paid To Upload is the way to make money that we will upload data. upload it to the host then share it with everyone, when other people use it to download your shares, you will get money, it sounds simple, but the method is not easy to understand. Make money online, you read along tracking specific content below:

Paid To Upload, abbreviated as PTU, flourished in our country in about one and a half years when Paypal accounts allowed Vietnamese people to use. Paid To Upload is understood as a form of making money online through file upload and file sharing, you can understand simply that when someone downloads the file you upload, you will receive money. The site receives advertising money and will share your profits to encourage you to upload files to their website and that's how PTU makes money.

The payment level for advertising in each country is different so the money you receive when uploading files to users is also different. In Vietnam, the cost of the website you receive will range from $ 0.5 to $ 2 per 1,000 downloads. Also in foreign countries, the cost is much higher will be up to several dozen $ / 1000 downloads.

What is the way a PTU page works?

The way to work with a PTU site that you need to know is that first we have to create an account, need to upload files, you share files for others to download and you will receive money.

Where should those files be shared?

You should focus on sharing your download file in large forums such as zing, ddth, vn-zoom, truongton ... case for those who are good at Seo, they will set up their own forum and Seo itself .

What should we upload?

So when uploading files, how do you upload files? You should choose the types of data that many users are interested in, attract and download the most today, you should focus on those types of data such as films, software, ebooks ... and the same. share for everyone to know.

Pros and Cons of PTU?

+ Advantages: Make money with a lot of paint compared to the PTC and Captcha methods, suitable for the internet world, and for IT people.

+ Disadvantages: In order to have enough money to pay, we need to invest in time and effort, if there are no downloads, it will del link especially free accounts, especially it requires perseverance.

How to make money from PTU?

The easiest way to make money from PTU is that we will upload files and will post in large forums so that visitors can see and download, your article will exist forever on the site. That website, through which money will automatically return to your pocket every month however it takes perseverance, must be very patient, accumulate a great success. If you want to make money in this form, you need to make it this way:

+ Have a separate VPS to be able to download and Upload again for fast

+ There is an Autopost software to be able to post articles on a series of websites at once.

+ You need to have lists of websites and free advertising forums of Vietnam or abroad for the post link process to help users easily download.

Above is the content to share about What is Paid To Upload, how to experience, how to make money from PTU hope has been a useful document for readers to understand more about Paid To Upload and how to make money of the way. This method of making money online.