September 26, 2020
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What is HYIP? Should I invest in HYIP sites?  



HYIP or super profitable investment (also known as “trust investment”) stands for High Yield Investment Program. The usual form of HYIP investment will bring a very high return, much higher than you depositing money into a bank account. HYIP allows you to invest making money and making profits on a monthly, daily or even hourly basis depending on the rules of each site.

To invest in HYIP sites is quite simple, your job is just to bring money to invest in the HYIP site and then wait for the withdrawal date, you will receive interest according to the specified percentage of that page. Interest rates of HYIP sites are often very high, in the process of finding out, you have sites that give up to 120% after only 1 day, some sites after 12 days you receive 144% of the total investment. Because of high interest rates, investors will be attracted as soon as they learn but be cautious.

Is HYIP a scam (Scam)?

Scam HYIP, HYIP Scam site, etc. I get a lot of these questions, usually the majority of HYIP investment sites are scams (Scam), almost 100%, just sooner or later. . If you are new to HYIP, you are likely to lose money. If you have a reasonable and smart investment strategy, the opportunity to make money from HYIP is not zero. However, Virtual Money Blog does not encourage you to invest in HYIP lest you lose money.

Before you decide to invest in playing HYIP, do a thorough research on those pages, you can refer to the MMO forums or HYIP monitors. Often newcomers who learn about HYIP will ask, "Where did they get the money to pay such high interest?" and HYIP sites will answer you that they take your money to invest in business, play forex or business, .. but in fact not so, they will take money from the following investors to pay interest to people. Play first (ponzi model). And after a turnaround investment, the following investors gradually diminish and ... they will embrace the money collected and then run away (scam, Scam).

In the history of investment, HYIP has very large and reputable sites, which have existed for a long time but then it will also follow the rules of HYIP and ... disappear (Ex: Ethtrade, Bitkingdom, etc.). I've never seen a HYIP site last forever, maybe it's just "live long" or "die early" only. Therefore, to invest in this risky field, you need to study and research carefully, choose the right time to join and draw reasonably.

What are the identifying characteristics of HYIP sites?

One of the first identifiable features you often see on HYIP sites is that they never accept deposits by Paypal, because HYIP is actually a virtual account, if they use Paypal their account may be limited or Unable to withdraw money. As I mentioned above, sooner or later, HYIP also Scam, so HYIP sites only accept payment via PM, Payeer, Bitcoin, .. of which PM is the most popular, this type of payment is both anonymous and payment. One-way payment, irrevocable, so once sent is going to the account of the HYIP sites always, can not be reclaimed, other than Paypal is likely to be reclaimed. Some other identifying characteristics such as:

High interest rates and promises to ensure profits for players at any time
HYIP sites usually require a minimum investment amount (min deposit) of about $ 10
Information about HYIP site owners will often be hidden, they will hide information from investors. Or they will hire a representative, until Scam is ready, they will change all information and hide it all. And you will be completely blind information about them.
HYIP often draws potential projects and other things to increase the prestige and trust of users.

HYIP investment packages have 2 common types

Long-term: This type of interest is usually low, only about 1-4% / day, the cycle is usually more than three months (usually 3 months). Something like: After 3 months you will pay back and then your interest over a 2-year period.
Short-term: This type often offers super-interest rates: 30-100%, sites like this usually operate in the form of pyramids - Pyramid Scheme (Ponzi model) to take money from people After paying first, whoever joins early, the lower the risk. The characteristic of this type of site is its lifetime in days only.

How to identify the HYIP Scam scam sites

To identify the fraudulent HYIP sites you can check some information such as:

Simple and sketchy interface.
Very high interest rates with low interest payment times.
Use free host, free domain.
Domain name without license registration.
There are often moves with the Bonus or the PR plan.
For HYIP sites that call for a big investment, it will last a long time, about 1 year - 3 years. But sooner or later die. So the time to establish a website is also an issue to consider.
To check the information you can visit:

Then enter the HYIP site address and Lookup see, if there are many other sites created from the same IP with that site, the possibility of Scam is very high.

Recently, HYIP sites have appeared to allow investors to use Bitcoin for their detention. Due to the increasing price of Bitcoin, several HYIP sites take advantage of and deploy different forms of investment. Those who often play HYIP certainly understand the risks and profits they can earn, but those who invest in HYIP without having any knowledge of HYIP but only greed for it. I dominate the rate of "eating bitter fruits" is very high.

Of course all HYIP sites are scams, but you should be wary and consider carefully before investing. With HYIP more and more colorful it is difficult to know whether it has Scam or not, but the most important when playing HYIP is that you do not be too greedy.

So should you invest in HYIP sites?

Personally, I have also joined some HYIP sites, but after a while I found it "unstable" and extremely high risk, so I have withdrawn before "losing it" so I still recommend that you should not Join HYIP if you don't really understand and have experience. Currently, I am investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. collectively called Altcoin. See also: What is Bitcoin and what is Altcoin

This is the cryptocurrency market (virtual money, digital money, algorithm money or coins, cryptocurrency) these concepts are often used by Vietnamese users, but it is different, you can learn carefully. More about these concepts in the article "What is the definition of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies?". Cryptocurrencies are currently an extremely potential investment trend

Many people say Bitcoin or virtual money is illegal in Vietnam, is a fraud so when trading, trading and investing can be penalized, but the truth is not so, you continue to read the article "Bitcoin is appropriate. french? Is there a scam or a multi-level? ” To know what the truth is like. After you understand Bitcoin and want to invest to make money, you should read the article "Should I invest in Bitcoin? 3 THINGS TO KNOW when investing in Bitcoin ”to get an overview of Bitcoin, Bitcoin investment and other forms of making money with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

However, if you are really interested and want to invest in potential HYIP sites, you can refer to the Bitconnect project, currently I am also investing in a $ 5,000 lending package and receive a stable daily interest. But I said before you decide to participate in HYIP investment must be determined in advance "accept the risk" that the site may collapse. You know Bitconnect, a typical form of Ponzi and MLM combined, and now it's collapsed

HYIP Situation

HYIP is a very HOT investment channel, especially for Vietnamese people. Through the years of existence, HYIP never ceases and always transforms in different forms (exactly like multi-level). And for that reason, how many investors know and don't know how to jump in to look for investment opportunities is very dangerous! coinnewsweb does not eliminate but always tries to warn:

For those who do not know, do not have experience: Read the warnings, experience, then invest, do not look at the image of profits and daily profits that are attracted to reason and then lose
For you with experience: Get out as soon as possible, don't fomo too much lest both lead and fishing.
Currently a lot of people know, but still participate, There will still be winners and losers. The winner will always display pictures of interest, profits, travel, ... to be able to attract more or energize HYIP projects later, the loser cries out losing money, losing a car, losing a home, ... Body suffering, complaint itself. So, be careful and think carefully before investing offline!