September 27, 2020
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Basic knowledge about PTU  



What is PTU ???? PTU stands for Paid to Upload (rent to upload). PTU is a fairly popular industry for MMO, it attracts a lot of users today.

PTU is divided into 2 common areas:
1. Warez (musics, movies, apps, ...)
2. 3x (JAV, EU, US, ...)
3. Find out for yourself

And PTU is divided into 3 main forms:
1. PPS (Pay per sale): you will get a commission when referring a buyer to an account from your sharing link (50-70%).
2. PPD (Pay per download): you will get profit when people download your shared link (15-65 $ / 1k downloads).
3. PPM (Pay per MIX): in this plan, it is the sum of the 2 above. You all benefit from the two forms above (40-50% of each plan above).

So how to check out the money from the attractive profits on ????
First, you need to choose one or more fileshost that offers the form that is right for you.
So what is filehost ???? Is a file sharing service so you can upload files to share for people who need .....

How does it work ???? You will follow the steps as follows:
1. There is 1 good supply.
2. Get the content + download link of that source.
3. Download their file.
4. Upload your file.
5. Share your files for profit (own site, forum, ...)

Advantages of PTU:
1. Low investment capital (buy account download, hosting, domain * own site *, vps, rdp, ....)
2. Low risk eg ex: scam, .... (some pretty good and reputable filehost:, rapidgator (pretty much cheat), ...)
3. Bring a fairly stable source of income, can say high for Pro ....
4. If your level of PTU Pro -> knowledge of your website is greatly improved (SEO, server administration, ...)
5. It can start with everyone

Cons of PTU:
1. It's easy to get frustrated for people who don't have perseverance
2. It takes a lot of time for a beginner.
3. The amount of PTU today is quite large -> extremely high level of competition
Thank you all for visiting.