September 27, 2020
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today I would like to introduce to you forex project. a forex trading platform has been operating for 5 years but the best thing from the project is the reputation, the site is simple and runs smoothly like some other sites. The forex market is a potential market and very hot a market of trillions of dollars is traded every day.

Realizing that we are a team with many years of experience in this field that will give you a net profit of 20% -25% a month.

Step 1: The first thing is that you need a trading account: (please verify the account to be able to trade)

Step 2: Buy the first currency to trade on the exchange (FXT token) on the exchange: (please verify your account to be able to trade)

Step 3: Deposit FXT tokens to the floor and send us a live account so we have a trading tool and make a profit for you with the instructions below:


1, Go to Web
2, Click on the top Menu "Send Experts Committee"
3, Select the appropriate account group "Group $ 1,000", "Group $ 3,000" ...., "Group $ 10,000"
4, Enter your account information and click Submit
5, When the "Successful account sending" message appears, it is completed


1, Go to Web
2, Click on the top Menu "Contact Experts"
3, If changing information, you need to send the following:
. ID Trade:
. Amount of capital:
. Information to ask / correct:

Note :

- Please only send tk 1 time not send again and again easily pushed out of the tool.

- Stop accessing the trading account from 8 am until notified by experts

- Investors must submit account information on the web to be accurate not to add or remove information of tk.

- Self trade, please trade on 1 account other than the account assigned experts

- Absolutely DO NOT OPEN ACCOUNT when experts have not announced the end.

- Account transfer today BEFORE 22H, the next day experts will trade.

- You can check the results often in the ACCOUNT LIST section

- The CG will leave experts to re-analyze the market.

- Please allow the TRADE Pass Pass to be different from the managed TK Pass to ensure CASH for the investor itself.