September 26, 2020
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Make money with Plugrush (CPC, CPM, POP, Adult)  



I. A quick introduction to Plugrush

Plugrush(CPC, CPM, POP, Adult)

- Payment via Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer, Bank Wire

- Minimum payment: 25 $

- Pay every 7 days and pay in 7 days to get a new one

This net is mostly $ up thanks to the amazing click rate using boot traffic or jingling to fight no less than $ 500


II. Instructions for registering Plugrush is an advertising network that allows people to make money online efficiently and quickly from websites / blogs that they own, accepting adult content. If you have a website with sensitive content, can help you make that money. The form of advertising at Plugrush is to combine banner and popup or redirect from your mobile website visit to the website to pay ads.


Click here and fill in the information as shown in the image then enter the activation email:


This is the account interface, go to Publisher and click Create Adzone:

Choose the appropriate Advertising Script for your website or blog:

If your website or blog is rarely visited and you don't want to make money from Plugrush, you can use it to exchange traffic (similar to advertising with other websites and blogs on the Plugrush system) by Click on Trade Traffic. Wish you make money successfully and effectively!


Proof of money you have just received on 25/2/2020


Proof of money for the previous days