September 27, 2020
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KolotiBablo - Complete guide  



1) Introduction:
- This is a solo project, that is, register as a freelance, alone or in groups (the group is about to clean up, ending April 14, 2013).
- This project rate is low from $ 0.3 - $ 0.8 for 1000 captchas to solve correctly.
- Get the bonus according to the total number of captcha solved correctly.
- Get the captcha to load and do 24/7
- Previously, there was Team Work, but it was about to be eradicated. The question was that in the future, Kolo would have something better than the current Team Work.

2) Registration:
- Sign up freely at this link:
- If you want to use an email to register multiple accounts, you can use a small trick, add "+ abc123" to the email as follows: => in addition will come ten_email + abc001 @, ten_email + abc002 @,, etc.
Thus Kolo will send the password to the same email:

3) Login:
Log in with this link:

4) Rate: (price paid for 1000 captcha solved correctly)
According to the server time frame of Server Kolo, from $ 0.3 - $ 0.8 (there was a time to max $ 1.8, but maybe this is a trick of the Server). Rather, the rate will be calculated according to each captcha, view the rate on the website or right on the software.

5) Bonus: (extra bonus for you)
* The first 100 captcha plus 2% of the earned amount
* 1,000 captcha plus 5%
* 5,000 captcha plus 8%
* 10,000 captcha onwards plus 10%
* 18,000 captcha onwards plus 15%
* 30,000 captcha onwards plus 20%
* 50,000 captcha onwards plus 25%
* 80,000 captcha onwards plus 30%
* 120,000 captcha onward plus 35%
* 170,000 captcha plus 40%
* 250,000 captcha onward plus 50%
* And the highest bonus plus 200%.

6) How to remove captcha:
- Most lowercase letters are gone.
- If you encounter the warning "Case SenSitive", you must distinguish between HOA and Normal.
- Meet the warning "Required 2 words", you must type 2 phrases with spaces in the middle, for example: abc xyz
- If you see the "Number only" warning, you must type the numbers.
- When receiving the "Match result" warning, enter the calculation results, for example, if you see Figure 1 + 9 then enter 10
- If you have captcha in the image format, enter the name of the object you see in the picture, for example, meet the monkey image: monkey
- Meet captcha all Russian language, then press "I can't read", if done in software then press Esc.
- Do not type a captcha with too many spaces, only a maximum of 1 space, if anyone enters 2-6 spaces for a captcha, it is blocked account.
- Do not type 1 character for a word captcha, otherwise it will cause warning => blocked account.
- Update the following rules ...

7) Rules blocked, banned account: (Block rules, banned accounts)
- After 30s without submitting (sending) that captcha to the server, the account is blocked for 30 minutes (according to the latest Kolo update).
- In a month that Kolo was warned 5 times, he will banned that account permanently, no payment.
- If any account uses too much cheat, it will be banned permanently and permanently banned accounts and payment that wmz permanently from the server.
- Update the following rules ...

8) Minimum pay: (The minimum amount to be paid) - The total income of $ 1 is required to be paid.
- Money will be received after 12pm - 24h if your payment is WMZ, and LR or other will sometimes wait longer.

9) Speed: (Situation loading captcha)
Captcha loads quickly all day and of course at night there are always more captcha than daytime in Vietnam.
24/7 (all 24 hours over 7 days).

10) Work Space: (working area)
- Link works on website:

11) Software: (software supports multiple accounts at the same time)
- XĐ:
- Bubu Free: coming soon
- VinaCaptcha Free: (download VinaCaptcha Free)
- Xiaoa:
- Asian:

Wish you good work with Kolo, make lots of money $$$ - What's a little slashing and suggestions to complete the topic, guys.

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