Review Broker Investment (BIS) – An investment project in forex liquidity houses

Broker Investment (BIS) is the first Forex project that I see has an investment mechanism in the house. Rather than investing in experts or mandates like all previous forex projects. This is a great turnaround when other forex investment projects are slowly getting to a standstill because the articles are too old.
Maybe Broker Investment (BIS) will create a new trend in the financial market, so its potential will be huge and go for a long time

Supervision and certification management

What is Broker Investment?

Broker Investment SRO (or BIS) introduced the world’s first shared liquidation system, allowing investors to earn from the Forex market with a daily trading volume of 6,000. billion USD. BIS restrains investors from losing money in volatile markets, which is traditionally practiced by large corporations or banks. BIS analyzes all orders with artificial intelligence (AI), to separate stable orders and transact with liquid brokers from investors. With expertise in fintech, investment banking and the foreign exchange market, BIS is confident to bring high returns to investors.

BIS’s mission:

BIS provides liquidity to the market and adjusts the liquidity structure to banks. BIS was established in the Czech Republic in 2014 and is registered with a financial sector license issued by the Czech National Bank (CNB). BIS is under the supervision of the CNB, where there are strict requirements for financial institutions to ensure the safety and stability of the financial system as well as the quality of investment. BIS is required to comply with applicable laws and regulations of financial regulators. After six years of establishment, the BIS has now launched a new affiliate program, bringing new hope to the financial sector currently facing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the US-China trade war.

BIS strives to develop new markets from the ASEAN region and then expand into Asia. BIS aims to recruit 100,000 associates within a year, participate up to 1% of daily trading volume in the world for most countries in ASEAN, to gain a foothold in Asia and go global. BIS is now opening up for associates to engage with the company, as soon as it becomes the largest provider of forex liquidity, offering new hope as well as offering a new, stable and low-risk option for the investors.

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