October 21, 2020

Two OneCoin Promoters Found Dead in Mexico

Two promoters of a major cryptocurrency exit scam, OneCoin, have been found dead in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico.

Oscar Brito Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra, two major OneCoin promoters, were apparently kidnapped and killed in Mexico, en Español reports on July 14. According to the report, the two men were promoting OneCoin as a payment method for a local car firm, the Latin American Automotive Marketing Company, or CLA.

The terrifying news was first reported by major Latin American publication, La Tercera, on July 11. According to the report, the bodies of Brito and Ibarra were found stuffed into suitcases and dumped in a vacant lot. According to examinations, the two men were apparently killed by suffocation.

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