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Officially operating since 2004, HawkHost has ranked among the top 50 best quality hosting providers in the world.
Hawkhost offers many services that meet almost all user requirements including: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Semi-dedicated, Virtual hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server).
HawkHost has 7 server centers in (Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Amsterdam NL, Singapore SG, Hong Kong, Toronto Canada)
According to my reviews and current users. Hawk Host has centers in Hong Kong and Singapore with the best speed for users.
In fact, the blog coinnewsweb.com is using the hositng share package (Primary – Cloud Hosting SSD 10,000MB ~ 10GB | Ram 1GB | 24 cpu 500,000) for $ 34.

In this article, I demonstrate that putting a website on a HawkHost shared host is the right choice. Up to now, I have never had a complaint or a service that HawkHost provided I had to reflect badly when paying for hosting at HawkHost.

What are you waiting for without registering to use Hawkhost’s hosting service!

Hawkhost cheap hosting packages are provided.

Does Hawkhost have good support for wordpress hosting?

Hawkhost comes preinstalled with LiteSpeed Cache, which speeds up and loads thousands of hits simultaneously. Support most popular open source such as WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, Druple, Magento.

With the hosting configuration for wordress, you only need to install LiteSpeed Cache plugin on wordpress and go to cpanel on hawkhost to enable LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager feature.

So what is LiteSpeed Cache?

LiteSpeed delivers up to 900% faster when displaying static content and 50% when processing PHP requests compared to Apache. In case you use SSL for websites, LiteSpeed is still 3 times faster than Apache.

When using the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, you will have a most effective website acceleration solution, especially wordpress.

The LiteSpeed Cache plugin is now the best cache and speeding plugin available. But this plugin currently only works with LiteSpeed web server. And HawkHost is the provider that uses this web server.

So Hawkhost very good support for wordpress hosting.

Which server location should choose for the fastest speed?

Website speed is always one of your biggest concerns. When you choose a hosting service, you always want the website to be as fast and stable as possible.

Of course there are many factors that affect the speed of a website. In that hosting is an important factor.

HawkHost has 7 server centers in (Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Amsterdam NL, Singapore SG, Hong Kong, Toronto Canada) you can choose a reasonable server center.

  With HawkHost you can safely sign up for a hosting service for your website.

Ping host with location in Hong Kong

Hawkhost commits Uptime 99.9%

Uptime is always a problem with many domestic hosting services. Many providers are always committed to 99.9% Uptime but when used, only then know, 1 day downtime several times and lasts for hours contact support is also not answered.

But if I use it for a while, I fully confirm that Hawkhost is up to 99.9% uptime commitment and has never had a downtime.

Is Hawkhost’s shared hosting price high?

After satisfying the criteria for hosting such as uptime 99.9%, very support for wordpress hosting … and then the cost.

Hosting costs are always your biggest concern besides service quality factors.

In terms of pricing, HawkHost currently has cheap hosting packages competing in the current hosting market. If you find a hosting service with a lower price, the true quality of the service may put a question mark.

For example, if you buy a Primary plan for 2 years you only have to spend $ 2.44 a month.

And using the 30% discount code during the checkout process, the final amount you have to spend more than $ 2 / month.

Of course you can use 40% discount codes to get even more. But discount for the first payment so you should consider when choosing this discount code.

And the following invites the discount codes currently available on Hawkhost

Hawkhost hosting discount code

Hosting discount code

april2020 : 25% discount code for life, new coupon updated today

Hawkhost50 : 40% discount code for the first bill Shared Hosting

Hosting reseller discount code

rapril2020 : Discount 30% Lifetime Reseller Hosting

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Discount Code Semi-Dedicated

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If choosing high quality hosting, Hawkhost is the first choice. By the convincing elements such as:

Uptime 99.9% as committed.
No worry about breaking the cable.
Provides cheap hosting packages suitable for individual users and small businesses.
Enthusiastic soupprt team always supports 24/7/365
Refund without reason for 30 days of use.

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